New Orleans Film Fest 2016

New Orleans Film Festival 2016
Celebrating its 27th anniversary this year, the New Orleans Film Festival has established itself as a standout on the regional film fest circuit. Born in a city known for its eclectic, artistic vibrance, NOFF seeks out bold and passionate storytellers to take the stage in one of the world’s most cinematic cities. And of course, the festival will wind its way through a mix of events and parties that only New Orleans could provide. The New Orleans Film Fest is not one to miss. Oct 12-20 2016. Visit NewOrleansFilmFest for information about films, schedules and tickets.

Moviehouse NOLA

Moviehouse NOLA

Moviehouse NOLA is a multimedia exhibition opening November 2013 at the Saratoga in downtown New Orleans. The pop-up exhibition, geared towards anyone who loves the movies, presents artifacts and ephemera, alongside contemporary art, oral histories, and interactive displays, to explore the impact these spaces had and continue to have on New Orleans’ cultural landscape and the lives of its residents.

Moviehouse NOLA is a collaborative project with BRUNO Design and the first in a series of Pelican Bomb exhibitions that will be popping up throughout New Orleans’ Central Business District through 2014.

Starla Marla by Miss Pussycat


Starla Marla by Miss Pussycat

Miss Pussycat is best known for her fantastical puppet performances, where her beloved handmade puppets dance, play in bands, and save the world. Founder of Pussycat Caverns and the Spellcaster Lodge, she is a master of creating her own surreal universes full of underwater dance clubs and supernatural hair salons. For September, Miss Pussycat created two photographs, each an edition of 50.

Shot within a set crafted for her most recent feature film, the puppets visit the fictional Bath-Bath Art Museum. Surrounded by masterpieces, including works made by Miss Pussycat and her father, they embark on another magical adventure.

Starla Marla is available for purchase at The Drop, a new venture by Pelican Bomb to encourage the proliferation of New Orleans art through a simple and slightly groundbreaking marketplace with reasonably priced artwork from emerging local artists.

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Before I Die


“Before I Die”. Candy Chang.  A public art project in the Marigny that encouraged local passers by to participate in sharing something they want to do before they die.  Entries ranging from simple poignant hopes to the more sarcastic, yet still entertaining, “meet a unicorn” quickly filled each slot, creating a kind of bizarro patchwork quit that somehow represents new orleans pretty perfectly.  Chang has since gone on to create more “before i die” walls in cities across the country and even overseas.  She is a truly unique and original presence in the new orleans art scene and seems poised to …  you can view more images of this installation at and …

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to check out the brand new Louisiana Spirits distillery in Lacassine, LA. They are using sugar and molasses from cane grown just outside of Lafayette and are offering both a “Silver” and “Spiced” rums. Bayou Rum will be making its official debut in July during Tales of the Cocktail

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